Don’t forget. This Wednesday at 6PM Nostalgia Collectibles in Eugene Oregon is having their first ever store signing/Karaoke party to celebrate the release of FF#1. Join, Mike and Laura Allred, Jamie S. Rich, and Matt Fraction four a fantastic good time. I know I’ll be there to make a fool out of myself and get some good new comics. Why don’t you all come out as well. It’s right downtown in the Smith Family Bookstore building (Accessed through the alley) Across the street from the post office and Eugene Electric Station. (There is a lot of good food here although none of it compares to Chief’s in Coburg just North on I-5)

Come on out, have some fun and join in on the party.

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    This is tonight so be there or be not singing karaoke with Mike and Laura Allred, Jamie S Rich, Matt Fraction, and...
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    …”Celebate” the release? With She-Hulk and Hank on the team? I try not to make a big deal out of typos… unless they’re...
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    All the fun stuff happens in Oregon!
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    oh my god WHY DON’T I LIVE IN OREGON everyone seems so pleasant there
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    Why don’t I live in Oregon?
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    Some of us will be there, Will you?